About Us


Medello was launched in 2007 by Senior Executives from Big Four Consulting firms. We are a Management Consulting and IT Staffing Firm whose leaders have over 60 years of marketplace experience. We combine strong Project Management, Functional, and Relationship/Communication skills found traditionally in Big Four firms with deep technology subject matter expertise, all while providing lower billable costs associated with boutique and offshore entities.



Our People
Our team leads each have more than 10 years of relevant experience in with large-scale technology implementations and have a background working for large consulting firms or system integrators. Most of our consultants have advanced degrees including MBAs, engineering and other disciplines as well as certifications relevant to their specific areas of expertise.

Ability to Work in Complex Environments
We have a history of working with large organizations and complex environments. It is often the case that delivering outstanding work is not enough to succeed. It is often necessary to understand differing goals of individuals across the organization build coalitions, and work with all individual to help gain support and buy-in.

Our consultants have experience al all levels of organizations from individual contributors to C-level executives and large department heads. They can help ensure that client teams at all levels have an understanding of the program and feel invested in the outcome.

Our Services

Health Care IT

Medello consultants have experienced will major EMR/EHR software implementations such as Cerner, EPIC, Allscripts, NextGen, Meditech and AthenaHealth.  We provide the following EMR related services:

Activation Support: Go-live activation is a huge endeavor and could prove very challenging without the proper tools and resources. We are able to provide the help needed at any stage of your implementation process. Our experienced team knows what it takes to reduce the stress and we work hard to make sure the process goes smoothly while our clients’ focus on providing quality patient care.

Clinical Documentation: Medello Consultants work with your clinicians to reduce distractions and the amount of time spent on clinical documentation for each patient. We accomplish this by creating an enhanced electronic version of the current notes using customized note templates, with personalized smart tools and chart accelerators. Our goal is to make clinical documentation less time consuming, easier, and quicker while also capturing all the necessary clinical information for meeting regulatory standards and financial charges.

Chart Reviews/Audits: As the EMR systems and regulation standards continue to evolve, there’s a need for health systems to keep up with and perhaps stay ahead of the curve; the requirements, and demands. Medello Consultant helps conduct effective medical chart review and audit as outlined by HIM Departmental policy and procedure in order to ensure that all regulatory standards are met along with quality control measures which enhances patient safety.

Workflow Analysis: In order to get realize the full potential of an EMR system, it needs to be tailored to the specific areas served. This helps physician and other clinicians perform at optimal levels. Medello’s workflow optimization solutions enables physicians and the entire organization achieve the full potential of your EMR.

Optimization: Medello Consultant’s are equipped and experienced to provide assistance with optimizing various EMR systems by:

  • Building custom physician note templates
  • Effectively personalizing and customizing
  • Encouraging the use of smart tools and charting accelerators
  • Examining current build and recommending changes where necessary
  • Providing build support
  • Providing group or one-on-one physician training
  • Auditing of notes to make sure regulatory requirement and standards are met

IT Project and Program Management

Our IT Management Services can help your organization manage new technology implementations ranging from short term quick-win projects to large-scale programs involving multiple organizations and complex integrations with corporate systems. Our services span the full life-cycle of software development and enable you to deliver strategic outcomes from your technology deployment efforts, directly linking IT programs to broader organizational goals. We understand the business context of your deployment and integration efforts, and offer a strong focus on predictability, results management delivery, risk, quality, and cost estimation.

Industry Specific Business / Technical / Data Analysis

Organizations are constantly in need of business analysis (BA) skills to help them with various business transformation initiatives where information technology plays a major role as driver or enabler. Our experienced Business Analysts work as liaisons among stakeholders in order to understand the structure, policies, and operations of an organization, and to recommend solutions that enable the organization to achieve its goals.

Business Intelligence

Our Business Intelligence (BI) Analysts work with the client to identify business intelligence, reporting, and data analysis needs. They work closely with clients and IT teams to turn data into critical information and knowledge that can be used to make sound business decisions. Our BI Analysts build an understanding of the business at a level of detail that enables them to identify and address critical issues.

IT and Cyber Security

Medello Consulting provides industry leading project/program management and business analysis services in IT and Cyber Security.  Medello employs highly qualified experienced resources to assist clients in end-to-end management of projects ranging from process improvement to technical implementation and deployment that meet or exceed organization’s goals.  Our services include:

  • Managing software development lifecycle of a security systems implementation and deployment (including defining project scope and objectives, developing detailed work plans, schedules, project estimates, resource plans, and status reports, etc.)
  • Coordination with technical and business teams to validate organizational goals and requirements as they pertain to security systems implementation
  • Providing long term strategic planning for security related technologies which may include existing solutions as well as new technology
  • Designing technical security architecture necessary to sustain the security systems infrastructure

Enterprise Applications Implementation and Integration Services

Our consultants bring in-depth functional knowledge of leading enterprise applications such as SAP and Oracle. Our Application Integration services enable integration of systems and applications across your enterprise utilizing flexible middle-ware technologies to accomplish your business needs.  Applications such as Supply Chain Management, Customer Relationship Management, Business Intelligence, Human Resource Management Systems and more can be effectively linked together to simplify and automate business processes.

Anti-Money Laundering Services

Medello Consulting has assisted clients in the Financial Services industry in implementing technology solutions to comply with regulatory requirements related to Anti Money Laundering (AML). Our services have ranged from evaluation and selection of available off-the-shelf AML screening solutions, defining configuration and customization requirements based on client’s internal policy and regulatory requirements to overseeing development and roll-out of the solution to the end-users.